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Pullip Full Custom by Polka Dolls Fabrics




- Weenh-Di the Telekenisi 'Witch -


The eyes, nose, nostrils, philtrum, mouth of Weenh-Dï were sculpted


The make-up was protected with Tamiya TS-80 varnish


The headback is personalized and signed


Weenh-Dï will come with three different pairs of eyes:

a pair of hand-made resin blind eyes; a pair of black eyes and a pair of eyes to personalize yourself


New blonde wig


Body stock white skin


Weenh-Dï will also come with his complete hand- sewn set composed:

a dress, a petticoat, a pair of stockings, a pair of gaiters, a pair of shoes, a tube scarf and a headband


Weenh-Dï will be sent in a wooden box with its personalized face shield (It's new! )

• Weenh-Di • Pullip Full Custom "Halloween Edition"

  • Not available


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