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I want to adopt it!
"Fixed price" sale

Sales by "fixed price" take place by sending an e-mail system: The first e-mail received wins the doll .

Email is sent - only - from the site

Any email sent by any means other than the “ I want to adopt it! ” Purchase request form will not be processed and accepted.

No emails on Instagram, Facebook or Gmail please.



The next dolls that will be offered for sale will be announced on social networks and on the site (" Blog " section).


The day and time of the start of the sale will be specified in stories (For Instagram) and on the post (For the blog ).



On D-Day, go to!


You are reminded of the day and time of the sale on the header of the advertisement and in the advertisement ("availability" section).

If you are interested in the doll, click on the " I want to adopt it! " Button which directs you to a purchase request form.



Fill in the fields.


The fields are obligatory . If they are not all filled, it is not possible to send your request.

Wait until the time the sale starts and send your request as soon as the time is right!

Any mail received before the time the sales start will not be accepted!

I use the real time in France to launch the start of my sales: LINK



Wait! And check your email (and spam).

If you are the fastest, your mail is the first received, you will receive within a few minutes after sending your mail, a message "Congratulations!" With the total amount to pay.

If you have selected: one-off payment , the amount to be paid will be the total of the doll, the shipping costs and the Paypal fees.

If you have selected: payment in 2x or 3x , the amount to be paid will be the first deposit of 200 euros (non-refundable). The rest of the payment is to be cleared within two months maximum after the first payment and includes the rest of the price to pay of the doll, the shipping costs and the Paypal costs.

The other participants will receive an email to notify them of the unavailability of the doll.


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