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NEW DOLL FOR SALE : 30.05 ( 7 p.m - UTC+2 )

Hello !

  • SHUSHUO will be on sale this Thursday, May 30 from 7 p.m (UTC+2 )

  • If you are interested in the doll, you will need to complete the form by clicking on the " I want to adopt her " button in her sales announcement ( button accessible to the right of the screen on computers and tablets / and at the botton on the screen on smartphones ) and send your request a 7 p.m ( UTC+2 )

  • The sale launch time is based on real time in France

  • You can prepare your submission form in advance

For more infomations  on how sales work, do not hesitate to consult the  guide or FAQ !

  • The ad will be deactivated on the website as soon as i have received the first emails

  • The ad will be visible again later in the 2024 gallery !

Thank you very much for your interest !


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