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Pullip Full Custom by Polka Dolls Fabrics




- Bloodeen the Vampire -


The eyes, inside of the eyes, nose, nostrils, philtrum, mouth, teeth as well as the chin of Bloodeen have been sculpted


Bloodeen's eye shape has also been changed

Following this modification it is not possible to close Bloodeen's eyes

Eyes can be moved right and left

Sold without push buttons


The make-up was protected with Tamiya TS-80 varnish


The headback is personalized and signed


Bloodeen will come with three different pairs of eyes:

a pair of hand-made resin blind eyes; a pair of black eyes and a pair of eyes to personalize yourself


Wig new dark auburn red


Body stock white skin


Bloodeen will also come with its full hand sewn set consisting of:

a dress, a petticoat, a pair of stockings, a pair of gaiters, a pair of shoes, a tube scarf and a headband


Bloodeen will be sent in a wooden box with its personalized face shield (It's new! )


• Bloodeen • Pullip Full Custom "Halloween Edition"

  • Not available


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