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If you are interested in MEEL , click on the "I want to adopt it!" Button, select the first name of the " MEEL " doll in the drop-down menu, fill in the requested fields and send your message from 6 pm.


Any e-mail received before 6 p.m. will not be accepted.


If your e-mail is the first that I receive you will receive within a few minutes - the time for the invoice to be edited - the total of your order and the paypal address to finalize the payment. (Remember to check your spam!)


The MEEL announcement will be deactivated as soon as I have received a first email (During the last sales my interface took a long time to respond to the number of notifications received, deactivation can therefore take a certain time.).


The ad will be reactivated after the end of the sale and visible in "La Galerie".


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Pullip Full Custom by Polka Dolls Fabrics


" MEEL "


MEEL's eyes , nose , nostrils , philtrum and mouth have been sculpted


The make-up was protected with Tamiya TS-80 varnish

Part of her makeup was done with an airbrush to get a more natural look


The headback is signed


Wig in mohair fiber ( Possibility to request to receive the doll without wig, 40 euros will then be withdrawn from the total price requested )

The wig is made by hand , the fibers are glued strand by strand with suitable glue. The wig may have small production flaws

During brushing or handling the wig can "lose" fiber, this is "normal", your doll will not end up bald!

/! \ Brush and style gently without pulling on the fibers to avoid damaging the wig /! \


Custom eyes


Body stock white skin


MEEL will come with the outfit she wears in the photos: a pink dress, a white top, a pair of converse, a small beanie and a headband.


MEEL will be sent with its little face protector in a signed wooden box


Shipping costs and Paypal fees are not included in the price and are to be added to the asking price for MEEL .


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You can find the necessary information concerning the price of postage, Paypal fees, payment terms or the user manual in the sections located to the right of your screen (on computer and tablet) or at the bottom of the announcement (on smartphone).


• M E E L • Pullip Full Custom

  • MEEL will be available FROM 6 p.m.  this Monday July 26, 2021.


    If you are interested in the doll, click on the " I want to adopt it! " Button, select the name of the doll you want, fill in the requested fields and send your request at 6 p.m.


    Any e-mail sent before 6 p.m. will not be accepted.


    The time of the launch of the sale is based on the real time in France: LINK .


    To send your message on time, please refer to the real time in France.


    The availability of the doll will be changed and updated as soon as payment is received from the buyer.


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