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Copyright applies without reservation to all content created by the owner himself.

Article L111-1
The author of an intellectual work enjoys over this work, by the sole fact of its creation, an exclusive intangible property right enforceable against all.
This right includes intellectual and moral attributes as well as patrimonial attributes, which are determined by Books I and III of this code.
The existence or conclusion of a work or service rental contract by the author of an intellectual work does not constitute a derogation from the enjoyment of the right recognized by the first paragraph, subject to exceptions. provided for by this code. Subject to the same reservations, there is no derogation from the enjoyment of this same right when the author of the intellectual work is an agent of the State, of a local authority, of an establishment public of an administrative nature, of an independent administrative authority with legal personality, of the Banque de France, of the Institut de France, of the French Academy, of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres, of the Academy of Sciences, Academy of Fine Arts or Academy of Moral and Political Sciences

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